Slots are the king in many land-based and online casinos. There are many reasons for this phenomenon. The wager for each spin is tiny, so the gamble is well worth the pleasurable anticipation of the spin and the excitement of winning. The odds of recovering at least 95% of your bet are very good, minimizing the risk of quickly losing your bankroll. The small bet and good odds combine to ensure longer play for your cash.

There exists another explanation as to why players remain glued to their slots seat for so long. They can imagine leaving the machine and watching the next player’s first spin producing the mega win, stealing the jackpot that should have been theirs. So they keep on trucking, playing beyond their time and money limits.

Random Number Generator (RNG) is a Myth Buster

There is an RNG in residence inside every slot machine. Within the time span of a millisecond, a huge number of combinations are produced by RNG software. By the time you stand up and close your session, your next spin has long since evaporated into thin air, and thousands of combos have come and gone.

In online slots games, hundreds of milliseconds pass as you log out or simply close your entertaining slots session and get on with a different exciting game. The result of any other online slots player has nothing to do with what would have been your spin result had you continued playing: Different milliseconds, different combos.

Randomness & Outcomes

In a brick & mortar, the first spin of the next player to inhabit your seat produces a result that has no relation to the combination your spin would have produced. This is due to the fact that there are a zillion milliseconds between your last spin, the exit from your machine, the next player being seated and the commencement of that first spin. Even if that following player hits the Big One on the initial spin, it would not have been your jackpot as that would not have been the millisecond of your spin.

The Random Number Generator of every online slots game, as well as of every land-based slots machine, sees to it that no player ever again has to worry about their huge pot being stolen out from under them. The winning combo of any subsequent player’s spin would not have been the result of a prior player’s last go-round. Maybe next time, though, within the millisecond of your actual pokies spin, the combination will buy you the world.